TELOMIR-1,  is being developed as the first novel small molecule, to lengthen the DNA’s protective telomere caps in order to affect age reversal.

Unregulated metal induced enzymatic activity

Although metal reactivity is required for eukaryotic organisms to reach healthy maturity, continued elevated and unregulated metal induced enzymatic activity contributes to oxidation and inflammation.

Too much of a good thing

It has long been recognized that enzymatic reactions also play a key role in the formation of cancerous mutations and the development of diseases like hemochromatosis.

Regulating Enzymatic activity

By limiting available metals, thus inhibiting metal induced enzymatic activity, Telomir 1 may prove to be an effective platform for treating a variety of diseases. 

A  novel treatment that uniquely and selectively binds critical metals to interrupt enzyme function, returning cellular metals like Iron, copper and zinc to homeostasis, and turning off the underlying cause of cancer development and growth.

By targeting specific classes of enzymes through its metal binding properties, Telomir 1 is believed to selectively affect the key processes that drive the concentration and accumulation of iron and copper in the serum that affects diseases like hemochromatosis and cancer.